Water Histories:
A Case Study
of the Black Sea

21/09/2023 — 21/10/2023

In a time when we are living on the edge, both in the so-called west and non-west, in real, virtual, and psychological wars, being kind is a radical form of action. Now more than ever we need to embrace coexistence to cope with high levels of anxiety and psycho-somatic post-states. As humans, we are often connected by the wrong ideas and it seems kindness could be one way to address this contemporary default. To arrive to kindness is to embrace friendship and kinship. This is the quest of the School of Kindness.

Image from the exercise "Plaisir d'offrir, joie de recevoir" as part of the workshop "Sonic Deviations" by Angelo Custódio 5th & 6th July 2021
School of Kindness 2021

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background images:map of the Black Sea,Piri Reis, originally composed in 932 AH/AD 1525 and dedicated to Sultan Süleyman, it is now part of the The Walters Art Museum Collection and Map of the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean,Joan Martines, Portolan Atlas, Italy, ca. 1578